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Introduction to Majors in 365bet

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Introduction of365bet

Shenyang Instituteof Engineering (SIE) is located in Shenyang, the capital city of LiaoningProvince. Under the guidance of Peoples Government of Liaoning Province, SIEis a full-time regular undergraduate university. Distinctive with others, SIEis the only university with electrical power industry background in LiaoningProvince. Since it was founded, SIE has sent tens of thousands of appliedgraduates to the society. The employment rate has remained above 90% in recentyears and graduates have received widely positive reviews from their employers.

SIE is comprisedof three campuses, namely main campus, industry campus and science park. SIEoccupies an area of 860,000 square meters and the buildings on site cover320,000 square meters. SIE has a total student population of 11,064 currently,and 970 faculty members, of whom 631 are teaching staff, including 85professors and 196 associate professors. SIE offers 2 engineering master degreeprograms and 36 bachelor degree programs. SIE has established a national,provincial and municipal research platform system. There are 94 experimentaland practice facilities within campus and 132 outside the campus. SIE hasestablished friendly interscholastic relationships with about 30 foreignuniversities and educational institutions.


UndergraduateProgram Introduction

ElectricalEngineering & Automation Degree Program

Program Objectiveand Employment Prospects: Graduates will be working in power plants, powersupply companies, rural power companies, power transmission and transformationcorporations, large industry and academies. Their jobs will be in the fields ofelectrical engineering and automation such as power system design andoperation, electrical equipment installation and maintenance, system operationand debugging, technical development, information processing, businessmanagement, etc.


Energy &Power Engineering

Program Objective andEmployment Prospects: Graduates are usually employed by power plants andindustry as engineers in the fields of thermal power engineering. They mayengage in industrial thermal equipment and system design, manufacturing,installation, maintenance, economical operation, management and researchdevelopment.


Renewal EnergyScience & Engineering

Program Objectiveand Employment Prospects: Graduates will be working in the fields of renewalenergy engineering such as renewal and thermal energy engineering projectdesign, installation, safety analysis, operational control and management.Graduates may engage in design, production, installation, examination andrepair, operation and management related to renewal energy engineering andtechnology in renewal energy power plants, renewal energy technologyapplication, and conventional power plants.


MechanicalDesign, Manufacture & Automation

Program Objectiveand Employment Prospects: Based on mechanical design and manufacture, theprogram focuses on the integration of modern machinery engineering andelectricity, hydraulic control, and computer technology. Graduates work in thefields of electromechanical products design and manufacture, technologyapplication and reform, operation management, and sales and marketing. They mayengage in design and manufacture, technology development, and sales andmanagement.


ComputerScience & Technology

Program Objectiveand Employment Prospects: The program aims to endow students with systematiccomputer technology including computer hardware, software and application.Graduates shall be competent at computer teaching, research and application inscientific research branches, educational departments, and industrialenterprises, technical and administrative sections. Graduates can undertakedesign and development of computer application system in the sectors ofinformation industry, electric power, hydro power, education, finance, telecom,and IT companies.



Program Objectiveand Employment Prospects: The Graduates will be competent at software design,network design, application system design development and management. Graduateswill be engaged in analysis, designing, development, detection, maintenance,and management of software systems

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