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The Trip to Paleontological Museum of Liaoning

2016-12-28 09:53 International Exchange Center Click:[ ]

TheTrip to Paleontological Museum of Liaoning

     On 11th November 2016, SIE organized both major students and language students to have a trip to Paleontological Museum of Liaoning, one of the largest and most famous museums in Shenyang. Teacher Rain and Sophia led the students to walk through Shenyang Normal University while introducing the universities in Shen Bei New District in order to make students more familiar with the surroundings around SIE.

Paleontological Museum of Liaoning (PMOL) is co-established by the Depatment of Land andResources, Liaoning Province (DLRL) and the Shenyang Normal University (SNU).This museum is to date the largest paleontological museum in China, with abuilding area of 15000 m2 Its external form appears like a fusion of a giantdinosaur with a large geological body. The vaulted structure on the southrepresents a dinosaur, and the steel frame as dinosaur’s vertebrate column andribs. The sphere in the front represents a dinosaur egg. The establishment of the Liaoning Museum of Paleontology marks a milestone in the cultural endeavors in Liaoning and the initiatives of paleontology in China. The museum will play an important role in promoting paleontological research, science popularization, fossil protection, and international exchange and collaboration. (Cited from )

Having toured around the museum, students have gained the abundant knowledge of Liao Ning Province's geographical features and landscapes. while visiting, they took notes very often and consulted some professional questions from the staff there as so to broaden their horizon in China.



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