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New Semester’s Colorful Activities

2017-03-20 08:04 International Exchange Center Click:[ ]

                     New Semester’s Colorful Activities ----Chinese Corner and Chinese Calligraphy

On27thFebruary and 15thMarch 2017, Major 1609 class,Major 1703 class and Beginning and Intermediate Language classes separately commenced along with the awakening of spring. Altogether 53 international students start their hopeful and cheerful new campus life in Shenyang Instituteof Engineering. They are unified as one big family while they are from Cameroon,Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Niger, Nigeria, Nepal, Pakistan, Turkmenistan,Yemen, Zambia and so on. On one hand, students who have already been here forhalf year are well-prepared for their second-semester study and eager to assistnew-comers to adapt to the new surroundings. On the other hand, new studentsare curious about their brand-new campus life and their new teachers and classmates. Till now, all of them have caught up with the academic study and joined many Chinese cultural activities such as Chinese Corner and Chinese Calligraphy. The following photos depict the unforgettable moments of these activities from February till now.






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